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You can be a part of a new era in health care. With palliative care, patients with serious and complex illness can find hope in symptom management. Together, we can make a difference for patients in Northeast Texas.

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PalliCare is the Answer!

Looking to build your own NP practice or just find an equitable work/life balance? PalliCare was built for nurse practitioners! You became a NP to grow your skills, advance your career and bring a higher level of quality care to your patients. We have everything you need to achieve greatness through innovation and the most cutting edge technology in community based Palliative Care.

In this role you will be given your own patients in whatever setting the patient calls home and be in charge of your own schedule. We make every effort to group your patients geographically to enhance your scheduling flexibility... a schedule that you control! No need to worry about the "backoffice" frustrations. We handle that for you by providing the EMR/billing, medical coding training, credentialing, palliative education, marketing materials, tablets or laptops, and malpractice insurance.


If you are a licensed nurse practitioner and discouraged in your current job, or just looking for opportunities, then PalliCare wants you! 

Holding Hands


As a part of PalliCare, you have an opportunity to make a lasting impact on the quality of life of our patients.

Professional Growth


At PalliCare, your skill and compassion will thrive. We invest in your professional and personal growth. Our focus is quality of life not just for our patients, but also for our team.

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Join the Team

Nurse practitioners are the key to PalliCare’s success.  Our commitment to them is to provide a flexible work environment that meets their personal and professional goals. To ensure the best work/life balance we have built a model that allows them options to Work with PalliCare for a negotiated flat PPV fee, salary or BUILD THEIR OWN PRACTICE without all the back-office pain of running a business.  

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